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You deserve the best! JN Global Business Solution believes that quality service is the result of our ability to understand your specific needs. We work with you to plan, coordinate, execute and verify. We work to satisfy and exceed the quality expectations of our clients.

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Our company

We are a company that is responsible for establishing a close relationship with our clients while providing high quality of services from start to finish.

Our services



Tax Preparation

ITIN number

Accounting and Finance

Administration and Support



Business Creation

Business plan

Web page


Business Consulting

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English/Spanish Translation - Spanish/English



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Business Administration

Individual and Business Taxes

  • We use all the necessary tools to achieve the best refund on your taxes.

ITIN Number and Renewal

  • We are agents authorized by the IRS to verify your documents. This means you only need to send copies to the IRS and you can keep the original documents.

  • Renewal must be done if you have not used your ITIN number for the past 3 years.


  • We carry out an analysis and review of each area of your company to provide recommendations and possible changes that benefit the company in the best management, both labor and financial.​



  • Financial statements that summarize the economic situation of a company that will allow it to make decisions that benefit the company and the shareholders.

  • We provide Payroll service


Business Creation

Do you have an idea and don't know where to start? Do you want to start your own business? We help you and provide you with advice to start your business and put your ideas into action.

Business plan

We help you make your business plan where you will be able to know the situation of your company projected in 3 or 5 years to ensure your business success.

Preparation, development, content and maintenance of the Website

We create web pages adapted to your needs.

  • ​​


Making a marketing plan is very important, since advertising is the key to success in your business. Advertising helps other people know about your product and thus increase your clientele.


Website Translation

We provide the best service in website translation, including review and analysis

Translation of Legal Documents

Government, business, public documents

Document Correction

We make grammatical corrections to give better quality and professionalism to your documents before they are published

Translation of Manuals, Books, Forms

The best services and team of interpreters in Spanish/English that will provide you with the best service at competitive prices

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